20 Points to Live a Happy Life

1) Start your day with the Fajr prayer.

2) Seek forgiveness (istighfaar) continuously, abstain from sin and you will receive an increase in sustenance (rizq).

3) Do not forget to pray. It is the key of success.

4) Bear in mind that everything you utter is being recorded.

5) Do not lose hope even in a bad storm.

6) In the of midst of worries and anxiety recite laa ilaa haa illallah.

7) Earn the Duas of the poor through charity.

8) Before reading the newspaper, try to spend some time with the Quran.

9) Initiate change within yourself and your family will follow you.

10) Respect your parents. They are the most important bounty and the means of Allah’s pleasure.

11) Do not lose your temper. Do not hold grudges. Do not break family ties.

12) You have the support of the most helpful and the most wise (Allah). Trust him.

13) Salaah is the best coping mechanism.

14) Abstain from harming others.

15) Whoever is speaks ill of you behind your back, forgive him. He is already transferring his good deeds to you.

16) Prayer, recitation of Quran and remembrance of Allah illuminates the face, brings contentment to the heart and motivates one to do more good deeds.

17) Remembering the hellfire is a deterrent from committing sins.

18) Don’t waste your energy and time arguing. You have more important things to do.

19) Have easy access to the Quran. Recitation of a single verse is better than this worldly affairs.

20) The beauty of this life is nothing without Imaan (faith).