Mothers Love

If you are a mother who is raising her children at home, you are doing a very good thing.


Don’t worry about people’s petty accusations of you “wasting your potential.”


Don’t pay attention to others’ demands that you “get a real job and earn a living and contribute to society.”


Don’t even bat an eye if ignorant people make condescending, demeaning remarks about how you are “just a housewife” or “just a stay-at-home mom” and ask you these sly questions about “what you even do all day.”


You are doing exactly what you were made to do: birth, love, nurse, nourish, train, discipline, socialize, and educate, and nurture other human beings. You are raising the next generation of Muslims who will carry the banner of Islam with strength, dignity, and honor.


You are doing a very good thing.


May Allah reward you immensely, ameen!


The famous Muslim poet, Al-Hafidh Ibrahim, penned these legendary lines extolling your purpose and your role:


“The mother is a school, that if prepared sufficiently, you have prepared an entire nation of good lines.


The mother is a garden, that if watered, will bloom and flower magnificently.


The mother is the first teacher of all teachers, whose accomplishments have preoccupied peoples all across the horizons…”

Umm Khalid