My Heart is Clean

“My heart is clean” – But is it really?

Some people are bold enough to claim that “my heart is clean”. They use this
as an excuse when their wrong is pointed out. For example, when they are discouraged from intermingling of the genders they claim that this does not apply to them because they will not possibly engage in any wrong – their hearts are clean. They forget that the nafs and Shaitaan are always lurking in the shadows to entice man towards wrong.

The Qur’aan teaches us not to make such a claim of purity because only Allah knows who is clean at heart.

Even a great Nabi like Yusuf Alaihis Salaam said, “I do not absolve my inner
self of blame. Surely, man’s inner self often incites to evil, unless my Lord shows mercy.”

A Muslim should regard the cleansing of
the heart to be a life-long endeavor. To claim that one’s heart is clean is in itself proof that one is not clean at heart.

Our righteous elders would always be vigilant in this regard. They knew
that Shaitaan and the nafs would attack when they least expected.

Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam taught us a beautiful dua in which we ask
Allah to purify our souls: “Allahumma aati nafsi taqwaaha. Wa zakkiha
anta khairu man zakkaahaa. Anta Waliyyuha Wa Mawlaaha.” (Translation: O
Allah, grant my soul righteousness (taqwaa), and purify it. You are
best to to purify it. You are its Guardian and Protector.