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Al-Mahmood is a registered Islamic organization founded in 2005, aimed at providing and catering for the Education, Social welfare and Relief of the needy and underprivileged within Malawi and abroad. From its inception to date Al-Mahmood has carried out various activities at different levels and benefited thousands through its Dar-Ul-Uloom, Publications, Educational programmes, Bursaries, Construction of Masaajid, Establishing Makaatib, Digging of boreholes, Qurbaani, Relief, Social welfare and Charity.

Al-Mahmood is a private trust comprising of six capable trustees and a working committee of eight dedicated individuals who are Ulama and Businessmen. All the trustees and working committee members’ work on a voluntary basis. Bi- monthly meetings are conducted at a working committee level where proposals, activities and feedbacks are discussed. Trustees as well as the public are provided with a detailed Annual report at the end of each year. Organizations or individuals partnering us on any project are provided with reports and feedbacks per protocol of the partnering organization.

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