MAGAZINE: Quarterly journal that is aimed at creating a platform for our youth to educate and learn about Islam in a fun way.


LADIES JOURNAL: A bi- Annual publication catering for the Muslimah of today.


AL- MUSAAFIR: A guide for the Muslim traveler within Malawi.


MASNOON WAZAAIF: A translation of the famous Duaas Kitaab of Mufti Mahmood Bardoli (SB)


HAJJ & UMRAH MADE EASY: A brief compilation of practical lessons and Masaail pertaining to Umrah and Hajj.


POSTERS: Eloquently written posters in both English and Chichewa are distributed to various Masaajid.

CALENDERS: Monthly and annual calendars, colorfully designed with essential information are also distributed.


TIME TABLES: Perpetual Salaah timetables, laminated and distributed in Masaajids across various districts.